UV radiation is invisible to the eye, and today we are exposed to it not only from sunshine but also indoors from the new energy saving lightbulbs. Scientific studies have shown a direct correlation between UV exposure and the increasing occurrence of Cataracts and Macular Degeneration. Dark lenses don’t help—technology helps: The Everything Lens® is formulated to block out the full spectrum of UV rays with a clear lens.

Clinical studies show a correlation between High Energy Blue Light radiating from digital devices and the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome: dry, scratchy, tired eyes, blurred (or double) vision, neck and shoulder pains, reduced productivity, irregular sleep patterns, Early Onset Presby opia and a higher likelihood of vision loss due to Macular Degeneration. The Everything Lens ® is formulated to filter out harmful violet blue light while allowing healthy turquoise blue light in.

The anti-reflective (AR) coatings on many companies’ lenses are simply shiny top coats to help bounce away bright light. These easily scratch or flake off after a short time. Other companies up-charge for better AR coatings. The Everything Lens® integrates a series of electrostatically applied AR layers—on both the outside and inside surfaces of the lens. No more reflections sabotaging selfies or preventing people from seeing your beautiful eyes.

It’s not rocket surgery—dusty, dirty glasses are harder to see through. Static electricity is generated by computers, TV monitors, photocopiers, laser printers and, of course, balloons rubbed on walls. And while zapping your little brother’s earlobe was a kick, seeing more clearly is the slightly -more-grown-up goal of The Everything Lens ®. We include a powerful Anti-Static layer to reduce the attraction of airborne particles to protect your lenses from cosmic dust and purple haze.

While the most obvious forms of glare come from daytime sun and nighttime car headlights, there is a more subtle but equally distracting form of glare that emanates from our digital devices. This type of glare prevents your eyes from relaxing and seeing the screen clearly. The Everything Lens ® incorporates multiple Anti-Glare layers to bounce away glare both from in front of you and from overhead and behind you.

All lens materials are measured for clarity and assigned an ABBE value. The higher the value, the less distortion you will experience. Many eyewear companies use injection-molded polycarbonate lenses because they are very hard to break but have more visual distortion (and less clarity). To insure the optimum balance of strength and clarity, we cast The Everything Lens ® using a state-of-the-art impact resistant polymer with a nearly 50% higher ABBE value to insure your vision is crisp and clear.

The fancy name for this is Aspheric, and while they cost a little more (although you don’t pay more!) to make, they are designed to prevent the “giant eyeball” look typical of their evil cousin the Spheric lens. Spheric lenses are also known for their tendency to create annoying peripheral vision distortion. Since Aspheric lenses provide significantly better optics and no “Hey, four eyes” look, we just had to have them.

When glasses were first invented, the only lens material available was, well, glass. Subject to cracking, shattering and causing many eye injuries, glass lenses were also heavy and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. It took nearly 700 years to develop plastic lenses that were optically pure and weighed less than half as much as those made of glass. The Everything Lens®—seven centuries in the making!

Also known by its cool Latin name: Oleophobic, meaning “oil fearing.” Many smartphones and tablets use oleophobic glass to help repel oils from their screens and we took a cue from them. Whether dirty fingerprints, oily smudges or you just feel like dipping them in olive oil, like crusty French bread, The Everything Lens® resists oil and smearing. With a swipe of our micro-fiber cloth or a little dish soap and warm water — they’ll shine like new.

Here’s another fancy Latin word: Hydrophobic, meaning “water fearing.” Yes, The Every thing Lens® is afraid of water. Our special hydrophobic layer repels H2O, causing it to bead up and roll off the surface. No more water spots that ruin your clear vision. So when you are at your desk working on your computer and the overhead sprinklers are set off as a prank, you can keep working. But don’t.

A scratched lens can be irritating and vision distorting as the scratches flare and bounce light. Lens scratches happen when we drop them (use the neck cord we include) or clean them with paper towels or tissues all of which contain abrasive wood fibers (use the combo microfiber case/cleaning cloth we include). The Everything Lens® is encapsulated in a durable scratch-resistant layer to keep their surface pristine and your vision clearly in focus.

So you know when you drink a nice hot beverage and the steam fogs up your glasses? A First World problem, yes, but a bother nonetheless. We didn’t want to leave anything out of The Everything Lens® so while you’ll typically find anti-fog lenses on the ski slopes we figured that a lot of people could benefit from the same technology dealing with steam while working in their office or at their local Starbucks.

Electro-what? OK, maybe we went a little bit too far with this micro-thin metallic layer, but The Everything Lens ® without everything would be, you know, just wrong. And digital devices emit electromagnetic radiation at frequencies which can cause added glare and lead to eye fatigue, or, if you spend a great deal of time in front of your computer, turn you into an alien. (That last part probably isn’t true.)

All lenses are porous when they are first created, whether on the individual stainless steel molds we use or the cheaper injection-molding process used for polycarbonate or low-end acrylic lenses. We don’t want the many feature- and benefit-producing layers of The Every thing Lens ® to penetrate into the surface, so an armor-like coating is applied to shield and strengthen the lens before the protection, enhancement and convenience features are added.

You are busy. Under most circumstances (unless you have, say, a dirt-bike track in your house) The Everything Lens ® can be kept clean with just a quick swipe of your specially treated microfiber combination protective case/cleaning cloth we include with every pair of glasses fitted with our lens. As noted, you can do a more thorough cleaning daily with dish soap and warm water and drying them with a soft cotton cloth or towel.