Unconditional Lifetime Lens Replacement Guarantee

No Matter How You Frame It...We are so confident in the clarity, quality and durability of The Everything Lens® that we offer a one-time Unconditional Lifetime Lens Replacement Guarantee. That is Optical Power to the People.

Should your lenses become damaged for any reason, we will replace them with a new lens or lenses of the same magnification power you own, no questions asked – although we'd appreciate your feedback to assist us in improving our product.

To avail yourself of our one-time Unconditional Lifetime Lens Replacement Guarantee we only require that you identify your glasses by taking a picture of the front and each side of your glasses and your receipt and email them to us, along with your name and phone number to: Guarantee@Visilution.com. A Return Authorization number and instructions will be emailed to you within 72 hours.

Although we check and double check each frame before shipping, if your frame has a manufacturer's defect please let us know within 7 days of receiving. Unfortunately, we cannot replace frames that have been chewed on, sat on, run over, snapped in half or that have taken a tour of your garbage disposal... but if it's our fault we'll take responsibility.

We will also thoroughly clean your frames and tighten the hinges after replacing the lenses.

We ask that you return them with the Return Authorization number on the outside of the package, enclose a copy of your receipt and send them to us by insured mail including $9.95 for Shipping and Optician handling.

Optical Power to the People