Thoughts Become Things
And Napkins Become News.

This is how it happens: One day you’re enjoying early retirement —with decades of experience in eyewear design and sales — having your Everything Bagel and a Macchiato, and who-knows-why, but looking around the coffee shop and seeing all the people reading and texting and working on their computers and you start thinking about the fact that most everyone who uses cheap reading glasses is doing a disservice to their vision.

You've been reading about how the Blue Light generated by digital screens is doing damage to the eyes of everyone using devices ranging from phones to computers to flat screen LED TVs.

And you know that current proper eye protective lenses – with all the hidden upcharges for Anti Reflection or Scratch Resistance or UV Protection plus high-quality handcrafted frames cost way, way too much for most people to afford. So they either pay for their eyes through the nose or buy cheap drugstore readers with less protective features.

So you grab a napkin and borrow a Sharpie from the barista and as your thoughts flow...Optical Power to the People® is born.

You set out to design The Everything Lens® — like the Everything Bagel  — with all the good stuff added on and blended to perfection for the same price as a plain one. You know, because you have done this for so long, that you can include ALL 15 eye protection, vision enhancement and convenience features at no extra charge. So you do. 

No matter how you frame it — as ScreenHawks® for Gaming and TV watching — offering eye protection for those who think they don’t need eyewear — or as Seeing Glasses® — a brand new eyewear category for computing and reading with individual powers for each eye — not just the 9 powers everyone else offers — but all 169 power combinations.

And you think: This napkin could be the start of something (r)evolutionary. And you think it’s now or never for this napkin. And you think and you think and. . .

Introducing an entirely new eyewear segment.

For Those Who Know They Need Them...
and For Those Who Think They Don’t                 

For Visilution Seeing Glasses and Screen Hawks Computer and TV viewing glasses the value is crystal clear. The future is in focus. This is something completely new and completely game-changing. The evolution of resolution. This is Optical Power to the People!

The Time and The Team are Right

Our team includes industry depth experience and success in design, sales & eyewear manufacturing connections backed by an expert marketing team with multiple award-winning product launches to their credit along with a group of veteran advisors in the many and varied aspects of the eyewear field.

For Avid Readers and Digital Screen Users Aged From Eight to Eighty:

Our Visilution® custom fit Seeing Glasses® and ready-to-wear Screen Hawks®  Computer and TV viewing glasses are here to enhance your vision and protect your eyes.  After you visit our comprehensive investor site we are certain you will clearly see the value of our revolutionary investment opportunity. Click on!

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