Typical vs Visilution Target Demographics
VisilutionĀ® Seeing GlassesĀ®
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In addition to the 126,096,000 That are 40 and Over and Who Will Soon Require Reading Magnification...We Also Offer Options For Those 5-39 Years Old Who Will Benefit From One of Our 169 Power Combinations

Ranging From No-to-Low Magnification (+0.00 and +0.25) Through 3.00 Magnification, The Everything LensĀ® Offers All 15 Vision Safety, Enhancement, and Protection Features to Preserve the Vision of Both Young and Old - Exposed to an Ever Expanding World of Digital Devices

As of the Last Census 144,497,000
Additional Consumers for a Total Potential Customer Base of 270,593,000

Typical Reading Glass Company

Designed for Only Those with Presbyopia Accounting Only For Those 40 Years and Over. Limits the Market.

You Must Adapt to One of their 9 Fixed Powers With the Same Power in Each Eye and Matched Power Lenses Can Lead to Headaches, Eye Strain, and Reduced Productivity.

Magnification Powers at +1.00 and Leave Out
Those Who Need Less Magnification

Not Designed for Enhancing/Protecting
Vision on Digital Devices

As of the Last Census:
126,096,000 Potential Consumers